Improving Your Skills in EMDR: 15/16 February 2020

Improving Your Skills in EMDR: 15/16 February 2020

Participation requirements
Completion of EMDR Module 1

Improving Your EMDR Skills is a 2-day experience of practice and exposure to advanced therapy skills, resourcing techniques, and live demonstrations with Barbara Lerch and Joshua Smith. This is a course open to all graduates of EMDR Centre London courses, whether it’s modules 1, 2 or 3. As well, this course is open to other EMDR colleagues who have completed EMDR trainings elsewhere.


  • Resource yourself and your clients: advanced resource techniques for self-care, self-confidence and self-management
  • Use concepts to build more flow and rapport in your EMDR sessions
  • Learn how to use and practice cognitive interweaves to avoid getting stuck in your sessions
  • Learn how to deal with affect bridges when multiple topics come up in reprocessing
  • Understand how to work with SHAME using mindfulness and boundaries
  • Review the window-of-tolerance-model of arousal (by Dan Siegel)
  • Understand how clients can become “flooded” and appear to disconnect from their bodies, memories and emotions
  • Experience 2 live demos by Barbara and Joshua
  • Ask questions and gain support for your practice
  • Bring case examples to discuss with piers and to obtain supervision support from two experienced trainers.

You’ll receive supplemental worksheets and PDF files to use in your sessions, and exclusive links to live demos of sessions led by Barbara Lerch and Joshua Smith.

Cost: £430.-