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Short term therapeutic support using EMDR has proved to be effective in many situations. Alongside traumatic events (e.g. victim/witness of a traffic accident, natural disaster), there are many situations of personal significance which can be distressing for people:

For example, conflict in the work place, quarrelling in a relationship, lovesickness, loss of a loved one, chronic illness, fear, phobias, pain, stress and burnout, and sudden lifestyle changes such as unemployment or retirement.

The EMDR method enables people to turn feelings, thoughts and inner imagery associated with the traumatic event into positive ones. Frozen or inadequately processed traumatic memories are re-processed and re-evaluated, and fixed behavioural patterns are resolved.

In contrast to classic methods of therapy, a few sessions suffice in most cases, for positive results to be observed. After just a few sessions, EMDR leads to visible and clearly noticeable changes regarding thoughts, feelings and body image. It leads to a rediscovery of a patient’s inner strength, and life can be continued in a self-determined and uninhibited manner.

Further methods of therapy which are used if required:

  • Solution-focussed brief therapy
  • NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)
  • progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), imagery exercises, guided meditation

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