The EMDR training course at the EMDR Centre London comprises 3 modules, each lasting 2 days. It is made up of a foundation, practical and advanced course. Each module consists of 18 teaching units. Additional modules for further training and supervision are available.

Certification is conducted solely according to the guidelines of the EMDR Training Centre Munich & London. Although the training follows that of EMDRIA / EMDR International Association, we are fully independent of and not aligned with EMDRIA / EMDR International Association.

For non-qualified psychologists and psychotherapists, access to EMDR training at recognised institutions is often refused. We feel it is unfortunate that this valuable and combinable method has such strict entry criteria, and we wish to enable a wider group of professionals to participate in high quality EMDR training.

Coaches, alternative psychotherapy practitioners, art, gestalt, behavioural and speech therapists, amongst others, who do not meet the entrance requirements of recognised EMDRIA institutes, are also – subject to proof of therapeutic qualifications – welcome at the EMDR Centre London.

We look forward to meeting you!
Yours sincerely,

Barbara Lerch
Head of EMDR Centre London, qualified psychologist, Senior Course instructor