CPD points

Our EMDR trainings are acknowledged by our business partners National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (NCPS) and National Hypnotherapy Society, Great Britain. As a member of one of these associations, you will get CPD points for any of our trainings.
Whether you have just started on a course of studies or have been practising counselling or hypnotherapy for years – the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society and the National Hypnotherapy Society will guide you to the appropriate membership grade.


Improving Your EMDR Skills: 16/17 November 2024 in London

Save the date: 16/17 November 2024. Learn advanced techniques around the Standard protocol, i.e. polyvagal theory, cognitive interweaves, affect bridging, resources. This training is accessible for every EMDR practitioner with minimum level: Module 1.


NEW: EMDR training in Manchester: Start 14/15 June 2024

Save the date: 14/15 June 2024 for our first EMDR Module 1 training in Manchester.

This Module 1 training marks the start of our first complete EMDR training in Manchester, which is part of our strategy to offer our EMDR training in other parts of the UK as well. Module 2 will take place on 13/14 September 2024, Module 3 on 25/26 October 2024.

The EMDR trainings of our Centre are all run in English and attract qualified professionals from all Europe. Be part of a growing community, and learn about EMDR in a light-hearted and empathic way.

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